Positano Risto Presents 10 New Italian Classics!

What is cooking at Singapore's #1 Halal and Italian Restaurant?


This April, Positano Risto introduces 10 new mouthwatering dishes, sure to whip up an appetite. From our modern take on Italian Classics like Chicken Milanese to zesting up a traditional Cannoli with Orange. This new menu promises a gastronomic adventure with a little something for every appetite. 

Are you a Seafood Lover? Indulge in an upgraded version of our Signature Whole Boston Lobster Fettuccine, tossed in homemade Lobster Bisque, topped with a generous medley of seafood!

Craving something a little creamy? Dip crispy, freshly made bruschetta into our pipping bowl of Seafood Alla Crema or treat yourself to a luxurious plate of our Lobster Risotto. 

Don’t you just love it when the meat falls off the bone with a slight prick of the fork ? If you are more of a meat lover, our Positano Signature Short Rib’s tender meat is sure to leave you wanting more! Another dish that is already a crowd favourite is our Beef Ragu Fettuccine, priced at $19.95 only! 

A true authentic Italian experience is never complete without our handmade Thin Crust Roma Style Pizza! Bringing a Publika exclusive to Singapore, our Garlic Herb Chicken Pizza is one to look out for! Moving away  from our traditional Beef and Turkey toppings, this new dish adds a little finesse to our irresistible line up of Thin Crust Pizza flavours. 


With so many new flavours to try, which dish are you looking forward to the most?